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Theatre came early into my life. When I was a toddler, I used to spend a lot of time with my mom behind the curtains and backstage of theatre productions and TV-shows in my native Ukraine. Since then I developed a huge interest in performing arts and as a child practiced my skills performing in front of my extended family and friends. Later I actively took part in numerous productions at my high school theatre and seriously considered getting into acting profession, but ended up at the department of Fashion Design and graduated with BA in Fine Arts. Finally, after many years of trying various jobs from a TV-presenter and journalist to administrative positions in IT-companies, I returned to pursuing my everlasting dream of becoming a dramatic actress.

I started my acting career after moving and settling down in Sweden in 2015, acting in English and Swedish both on stage and on screen predominantly at the local theatre scenes of Malmo, Southern Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark.

My recent works include a supporting role of Kyra in a Swedish feature film "The Redneg" (Jake Sakima Productions), Cassie in a farcical comedy play "Rumors" by a renowned American playwright Neil Simon (Guanabana Productions) and the female lead Maria Popova in a classic piece by Anton Chekhov "The Boor" (Front Row Theatre). Among my past productions are an originally hit Broadway play "Deathtrap" by Guanabana Productions (Helga ten Dorp; Guanabana Productions ), two collaborations with Italian Drama & Art ID "Pirandello's Life Narrated by His Women" by Annalisa Rossi (Antonietta Portulano) and a notable Tennessee Williams drama play "Sweet Bird of Youth" (the leading role as Princess Kosmonopolis).

In addition to that, I have worked for a number of production companies appearing in several commercials, films and TV-series (Bron (The Bridge), Threesome, IKEA, Ecophon and Arjo among others).

I am privileged to say that I've been a part of the magical Peter Hall's production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by Malmö Opera, the first time outside the UK.

Among my recent works are "Tunna Blå Linjen", an award-winning Swedish TV-series, “Sunday in Sodom”, a Canadian play by Jordan Tannahill performed by Playmate Theatre Malmö, "En Helt Vanlig Familj", an upcoming Netflix show, and a range of commercials.

I am fluent in my native Ukrainian and Russian, professionally competent in English and Swedish as well as I can speak some German, Italian, Polish and other European languages.

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